Gunmetal Rivals on Civic!

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Yellow on Bronze

We shot this EVO 8 earlier this month with our 18x10.5 sprints wrapped in 255 35 18 tires. This monster is tuned on e85 making 750hp! He has voltex aero, but with matching spacers. 

A stock body EVO 8 should come out to around the same fitment. It also had no issues clearing the brembos that come stock on EVO's. Many other wheels have trouble clearing these brakes but not our Sprints!

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350z on 18x9 +10

Ben wanted a wheel that gave his 350z some style, but still had plenty of functionality for the track, so we hooked him up with a set of 18x9 +10 sprints. 

This size is pretty conservative for a 350z but its a great match for anyone who wants a setup that works great at the track with no chance of rubbing!

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Red NSX on Black Chrome Sprints

This week we had Angel from Foto.D.Lux shoot one of our customer cars on Black Chrome Sprints. We set up this mint NSX with a pair of Black Chrome wheels to give it contrast to the bright red paint. The fitment was very aggressive with 18x9 up front, but we made it fit with a 215 35 18 tire. The rear wheel wells have more room to work with so we ran a 255 35 18. All in all its a great look for this NSX and one of the most cost effective ways to give your car a classy look!

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Custom JZX100/83 on Gunmetal Sprints

This week's photoshoot features Richard's custom JZX83, with a Chaser front end. The Gunmetal finish of the Sprints are a perfect compliment to the metallic purple with blue flake. This particular car was shot with a staggered 18x9/18x10.5 wheel setup, which filled each of the wheel wells perfectly. Look for this car at Toyotafest next year! 
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Bronze Sprints on Clean Kouki

We shot our first S-Chassis today! A Clean s14 kouki, and we decided to pair it with bronze sprints for a classic color combination. For this car we ran a 18x9 +10 square setup, although the 18x10.5 fit in the rear as well. It fits the styling of the car very nicely, and with a simple fender roll, fits without any rubbing whatsoever! Bronze is always a good compliment to white cars and this one is no exception!


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Laguna Seca Blue M3

We got a chance to shoot this beautiful M3 today, in the rare LSB. With the extra fenderwell space provided on the M3, we were able to fit a 18x10.5 +25 square setup with room to spare in the rear. Tire sizes were 245-40-18 in the front, and 265-40-18 in the rear. This particular M3 had shaved fenders, and could have run a 10mm spacer in the rear without rubbing. Regardless, the Sprints compliment the agressive looks of the E46M very nicely. 

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SC300 Gas Station Shoot

This SC300 features Carbyne Sprints with a 18x9 +10 and 18x10.5 +25 staggered setup. The fitment is spot on for a SC300 with rolled fenders! This particular SC has twin turbo Supra brakes up front which are quite large. The Carbyne Sprints have plenty of brake clearance, so there were no issues!

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Rx7 on Carbyne Sprints

Welcome to CarbyneDesign Wheels! As a new company we hope to grow through excellent customer service, and being heavily involved with what you as the customer wants from a wheel. Therefore, we appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, to become a better company day by day!

Our first photoshoot features a customer's RX7 on Black Chrome Sprints. He is running a 18x9+10 up front with 25mm overfenders and a 25mm spacer, with 18x10.5 +25 in the rear, and 235-40-18 and 245-40-18 tires respectively. We think it looks great! We will be getting more pictures on a variety of different pictures in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!


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